Jim’s Journal: Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

November 15, 2013 in Jim's Journal

I was on my way out the front door on Wednesday morning.  Actually, I think I even put my luggage into the trunk of the car when I realized that I did not have my eye-glasses.  Not good!  I need my glasses in a significant way!  I ran back into the house.  I checked my office.  I checked the kitchen.  I checked the bathroom.  I checked the work-out area.  I checked the family room.  I checked the kitchen again.  I checked the work-out area again and this time I found them – on the floor, next to the sit-up machine.  I wasn’t going to leave the house until I found my glasses.  I was on a mission to find them!  Wouldn’t it be nice if we pursued our dreams and goals the same way I went after my glasses?.  Whatever it took, I was going to find them!  Too often we pursue our goals and dreams at an inconsistent pace.  We’re methodical and predictable.  This often leads to frustration and disappointment.  When it comes to pursuing our dreams and goals we have to have a “whatever it takes” mindset.  We should not leave the house until we’re ready to conquer the world.  Works for me!

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