Jim’s Journal: Take Them Shopping!

November 7, 2013 in Jim's Journal

I don’t know about you but when I go food shopping, I always make and take a list (always have).  As I go through the aisles, filling my shopping cart with the items that are on my list, I love crossing each one off.  Milk, check.  Broccoli, check.  Garlic, check.  Cilantro, check.  Hot sauce and ketchup, check.  Salmon, check.  Chicken thighs, check.  I could go on.  Where am I going with this example?  During your next workshop why don’t you use the “Shopping List” opener?  As your learners enter the room give them a piece of paper that resembles what one would use to write their grocery list on.  Give them several minutes to make a list of everything they hoped to get from the session.  Provide some examples:  to acquire specific tips and tools; to add to their network; to gain more confidence using the software; to examine better ways to close their presentations; to explore the value for being more vulnerable, etc.  To close the session you can have them share (in a small group or large) the items on their list they’re taking with them.  You can follow up with them later to address what they did not get.  It’s time to go shopping!

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