Jim’s Journal: No Stain, No Gain!

November 18, 2013 in Jim's Journal

I can remember it like it happened yesterday.  Fifteen years ago, I had my first, and my last, deck staining party.  I invited a ton of my friends over to help me stain my new, split level deck.  I told them that there would plenty to eat and drink – and I didn’t disappoint.  Pizza, cheesesteaks, hoagies, burgers, ribs, salad, fruit, chips, pretzels and an array of beverages awaited my helpers.  The only circumstance that could have thrown a wrench into the festivities was the weather – and it did.  No, it didn’t rain.  Instead we received 90 plus degrees of sun and humidity.  Of the 20-something people I invited only two showed up and they both had to leave early.  Angry, frustrated and annoyed I decided that I was going to stain the entire deck by myself.  I applied one full coat on Saturday and another coat on Sunday. When I finished I was exhausted, yet ecstatic.  It was another reminder that whatever I put my mind to, in spite of the odds, I can get it done.  I continue to have that same mindset today – and you should too. The universe is going to continue to send massive challenges your way.  Do you see obstacles or opportunities?

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