Jim’s Journal: Give it Time!

November 13, 2013 in Jim's Journal

Are you impatient?  Do you want things to happen yesterday?  When you teach or train do you want people to get your point or your message right away?  Me too!  I’d be the first to admit that I like seeing the light-bulbs come on and the faces beam with confidence and understanding immediately after I’ve shared my learning gems.  But, unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.  And you have to be all right with that.  I recently received feedback from one of my clients regarding the intensive, leadership session I conducted in October.  The workshop was probably one of the most challenging, and character-building sessions, I’ve had in years.  A couple of the participants were tougher than a cheap steak.  They would have preferred listening to a fire alarm sound for 24 straight hours than hearing me discuss the tenets of effective leadership.  My client told me that the group recently went out for a “goodbye dinner” for one of their colleagues and the top evening conversation was the rewarding experience that they had during our session.  “Are you kidding me?” I thought.  Six weeks later and they were still reminiscing?  Sometimes you do make an impact – it’s just not immediate.  Believe in your message, your approach and your content and the rest will take care of itself.  As I’ve been told on so many occasions, “You have to trust the process!”  

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