Jim’s Journal: What are You Looking At?

October 1, 2013 in Jim's Journal

On Sunday I was standing in a long line waiting to clear security at the Philadelphia International Airport.  I was heading to Boston.   The TSA’s, as usual, were barking out orders.  “Take everything out of your pockets!”  “Remove all laptops!”  “Take off your shoes and belts!”  I have those terms of endearment memorized.  My line was already moving at a snail’s pace when the man in front of me began staring at two people who were having a colorful conversation in the other security line.  I mean he was really engrossed.  I said, “Sir, sir.”  He didn’t hear me.  A large gap opened between him and the people in front of him.  Finally, he realized that he was holding up the line and moved forward.  You know the lesson that is coming next.  How many of us are so busy watching others or are so preoccupied with things that have absolutely nothing to do with us that we miss out on the opportunities that are directly in front of us?  We lose our focus so quickly.  We’re easily distracted.  Next comes the blaming and the excuses.  Stop worrying about what’s happening in his life, her department or their home.  Keep YOUR eyes on YOUR prize!

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