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October 10, 2013 in Jim's Journal

Difficult participants come in all shapes, sizes and forms.  There’s the “prisoner,” the “vacationer,” the “know-it-all,” the “latecomer,” the “smartphone addict,” the “demolitionist,” the “yeah-but” and more.  There are those who we made difficult because of our tired, predictable, dry, unauthentic, monotone delivery and approach.  Nevertheless, before we can put the patient on the table and begin operating, we have to determine what’s creating their dissension.  We have to ask discovery questions then LISTEN.  We have to listen for what they’re saying and for what they’re not saying.  Don’t rush your remedy or push your panacea.  Even doctors assess what’s wrong before they make their recommendations.  If the prisoner says that he doesn’t want to be there, investigate.  Put participants in an activity, early on, to access their readiness.  Successful handling of difficult participants and difficult situations starts with thorough discovery work. Oh, and it would also help if we started taking their behavior professionally and not personally.  Just sayin’.

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