Jim’s Journal: Still Got Your Foot on the Emergency Brake?

October 23, 2013 in Jim's Journal

Have you ever gotten into your car, started it up, drove a little way and wondered why it seemed to be hesitating?  If you were lucky you quickly discovered the reason for the delaying was that your emergency brake was still on.  Imagine that?  Your car was still able to move even though the emergency brake was on.  Many of us have a lot in common with this example.  We move through the world each day, however, we don’t reach our full speed because we still have our “life emergency brake” on.  We don’t take risks, settling on playing it safe.  We give myriad excuses for choosing the speed limit that we drive – I mean live.  We even encourage others to live with the emergency brake on.  Stop damaging your car and stop slowing your growth.  If the damage is too bad you may not be able to get the car (or yourself) to move when you want.


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