Jim’s Journal: Shake it Up!

October 29, 2013 in Jim's Journal

I’m on planes all of the time.  I probably have enough frequent flier miles to be upgraded to the cockpit. Oftentimes when I’m sitting on the plane I’m reminded of what it feels like to be in a boring training.  On the plane there is little interaction or movement, save for the safety instructions, personal reading, beverages served, a talkative seat-mate and/or bathroom runs.  Yes, some folks watch movies and listen to music but there’s more sleeping than anything.  It’s where I catch up on my sleep.  Some folks catch up on their sleep during OUR workshops if there is no interaction or engagement.  If we are not creating participant movement, challenging our learners mentally, physically or emotionally or shaking things up every eight to 10 minutes we are putting people to sleep.  By shaking things up you can put them in an activity, use vocal variety, move to another part of the room and/or tell a moving story for starters.  The key is to build an empowering, high energy environment where your learners will not rush to the door at the session’s conclusion much like travelers do when the plane lands.

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