Jim’s Journal: Do They Feel You?

October 21, 2013 in Jim's Journal

Unless you speak in a whisper, monotone or mumble, in all likelihood your audience members don’t have a problem hearing you during your presentation.  Even if projection is not one of your strong suits, you can move closer to them to ensure that they hear every syllable, word, sentence or phrase that leaves your lips.  My question, however, is, can they FEEL you?  That’s right, I said FEEL.  Does your true personality show through?  Do you take risks?  Do you share your three E’s (energy, enthusiasm and emotion)?  Do you play full out or do you hold back?  Remember, one of our goals as speakers/trainers is to be expressive not impressive.  We have to be raw and real.  Let, me guess – you’re worried about your corporate culture or how they’re going to receive you.  NO EXCUSES!  How long are you going to let their opinion of you determine how you show up?  Superior presenters, facilitators, trainers and speakers share what’s in their head and what’s in their heart to make sure that their learners both hear and feel them.  Do you feel me?

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