Jim’s Journal: That’s My Seat!

September 22, 2013 in Jim's Journal

On Saturday I spent the afternoon in Lincoln, Nebraska at Memorial Field for the football game between Nebraska University and South Dakota State University.  The Cornhuskers throw a first class party.  The stadium was a sea of red as students and alumni provided the “Husker Power” and spirit that catapulted the team to a 59 – 20 victory.  I enjoyed every second (even when the Husker’s fans did a slow motion version of the wave).  I had an incredible seat…so great that a late patron to the game accused me of sitting in his seat.  He looked at me very sternly and said, “You’re sitting in my seat.”  I told him that he was mistaken but he persisted.  Moving even closer to me he continued, “Check your ticket, I know you’re in the wrong seat.”  I was super confident that he was wrong because I was with people who had season tickets so I just smiled and repeated, “You are mistaken my friend.”  He finally realized that he was wrong and that his ticket was in row 15 not 16.  He finally relented.  Always looking for a teachable moment I thought to myself, what if we chased our goals and dreams with the same seriousness and zeal as my mistaken ticket-holder friend?  Do you think we would score a lot more “life” touchdowns?  I do.

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