Jim’s Journal: Greet Them then Treat Them?

September 23, 2013 in Jim's Journal

Regardless of whether I’m delivering a keynote speech in front of hundreds or facilitating a 20-person training session, I always walk up to people as they’re entering the room, shake their hand, then thank them for coming.  The impact of this simple gesture is great!  Last week I spoke in Puerto Rico (400 plus in attendance) and in Philadelphia (60 plus) and each time I got around to as many people as I could to greet them.  Smiles and high-fives were everywhere.  In addition to greeting them I ask questions.  I conduct mini needs assessment conversations right on the spot.  The relationship is already forming before I review the session objectives.  In Puerto Rico, I asked one of the participants to stand and give me a thumbs up (or down) at the end of the session to let me know if she thought the information shared was worthwhile.  After you greet them you have to treat them to something they did not expect.  I call it N.I.T.B. (i.e., not in the book).  Give them information that’s not in the participant’s guide.  Pull from your life’s Meaningful Moments’ file.  Give them an experience that they’ll share with others.

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