Jim’s Journal: The Learning Elevator Goes Up and Down

August 14, 2013 in Jim's Journal

During your next workshop, meeting or presentation, remember to speak to your learners’ head AND to their heart.  The learning elevator goes up and down!  Speaking to their head suggests facilitating understanding – making sure they get it cognitively (see lecture).  It’s what many trainers, educators and presenters do.  However, don’t forget the heart.  It’s the engine room.  It’s where the power lies.  Speaking to the heart suggests making an affective connection.  You’re building trust and enhancing their confidence.  Telling stories, providing examples, allowing time for participant sharing and giving them a chance to practice the new skill is a way to reach the heart.  In fact, you actually increase retention this way.  Yes, lecture and PowerPoint decks can still be effective.  Just don’t let the elevator get stuck on that floor.   Promise?

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