Jim’s Journal: Begin with the End in Mind!

August 7, 2013 in Jim's Journal

I remember when I was a junior in college, the week leading up to the championship game.  We were busy prepping for the NCAA Division III Championship football game against the Dayton Flyers.  We were particularly  fired up and hungry because we were getting a chance at revenge.  Dayton had knocked us out of the playoffs, in the semi-finals, the previous year when we were ranked number one in the country.  This year, the roles were reversed and we were the underdogs.  At the end of one of our practices, our coach, Bill Manlove, showed us a video of the 1977 team celebrating after they had just won the championship.  After watching the video, I wanted to win even more…I could taste it!

Why don’t you use that approach in the beginning of your training sessions?  Why don’t you use an opening activity that creates an opportunity for them to celebrate the success of the awesome training program they are about to receive?  Why wait until the end?  Get them to paint the picture, and then step into it.  We always talk about their goals and expectations at the outset; give them an opportunity to celebrate them!

And by the way, we did win the game.  I proudly wear my national championship ring every day.

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