Jim’s Journal: What Made This Time Different?

July 23, 2013 in Jim's Journal

Why did you get “it” this time? You’ve been told the same thing a number of times, but this time you got it. You had a light bulb moment. You finally heard the call to action. You rush to tell your family and friends about the news and they say that they’ve been telling you that for years. Why didn’t it sink in then? Why didn’t it have the same impact? Was it because of who said it or because of where you were when you heard it? Did timing have anything to do with it? Were you vulnerable at that moment? It’s probably all of the above. Nevertheless, I challenge you to start listening at a deeper level. Pay more attention to what’s being said and less attention to who’s saying it. Be more ready to receive than to defend or dismiss. Open your heart and your mind to new possibilities.

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