Jim’s Journal: What Are You Looking For?

July 30, 2013 in Jim's Journal

Last week, I spoke at the 2013 National Urban League Conference in Philadelphia. During my “Career Day” presentation I asked the group, “How many of you are looking for a job?” Nearly 100% of the attendees raised their hands. I then asked, “Why?” They responded with rapid fire from the need to pay bills, to putting their kids through school, and putting food on the table.  Then I asked the group: “Rather than going on a job search why don’t you go on a joy search? Why don’t you pursue your passion, as opposed to a paycheck or a pension?” I stated, “When you do what you love in life, powerful and magical things happen.” The room went quiet! Now that I had their attention, I drove my personal power point home. “People can take your job but they can’t take your joy!” I finished my presentation by reminding them that life is too short to play it safe. “We are all blessed with special talents and special abilities. It’s time for us to take those talents and abilities off of layaway and out of the waiting room of life. Scrap the job search and fine-tune your joy search!”

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