Jim’s Journal: Is That It?

July 17, 2013 in Jim's Journal

Have you ever gone to a show, concert, movie and/or musical, and left feeling and saying, “Is that it?“, “I paid for that?” or “I got ripped off!” Well that’s the way our learners feel sometimes. They attend in-house trainings, public seminars and major conferences, and walk away – at times – muttering and thinking the same thing, “Is that it?” We use the same slides. We use the same approaches. We use the same visual aids. We even start and end our sessions the same time and the same way.

STOP right now!!!

Give your presentations a makeover. Hit the refresh button on your materials. Take your presentation and speaking skills in for a tune up. When people ask me about the best presentation I ever made, I tell them that I haven’t done it yet. How about you?

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