Jim’s Journal: There’s No Place Like Home

June 24, 2013 in Jim's Journal

Well, that belief worked for Dorothy (in the Wizard of Oz) and it can work for you. One of my Jim’s Training Gems is the principle that “Your room is your residence.” To that end, we should put our mark (or brand) on any room we’re training in. Participants should walk in the room and say, “Jim is training here today or this is Jordan’s room.” Adorn your walls, your floor, your ceiling, your chair backs and your door with your brand. Your music should be playing. Your energy should be everywhere. When people enter, welcome them immediately. It’s what you would do if they were coming to your “real” house, right? Give them something to do, an assignment relative to what you’re teaching. Do let them sit idle. Don’t let them pull out the smartphone or black berry. When people come to visit you at your home, do you let them sit staring at the walls waiting for you to join them? Of course not! Own your space! There’s no place like home!

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