Jim’s Journal: Cleaned Your Glasses Lately?

June 24, 2013 in Jim's Journal

What are your blind spots? Not sure? Have you asked anyone lately? Most people think that everything appears exactly the way they see it. If we stop for a moment, and open our mind to the possibility that we may not always be right, we could gain a new understanding that could help us both professionally and personally. I liken it to taking off our glasses to clean them. Over a period of days, dirt, dust, makeup, liquid stains, and our fingerprints land on our lens. It’s not until we clean them and put them back on that we say, “Wow, I can see much clearer now!” But prior to that, when we’re looking through those dirty lenses, we thought we’re seeing everything clearly. Our dirty lenses are our “life” blind spots. Oh, and one more thing; the fingerprints represent our “stuff”. Yes, we do have “stuff” that blurs our vision too. Who needs a cloth, I mean a coach?

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