Jim’s Journal: “That Guy Always Has An Excuse,” you complain. But Hang On Just a Minute…

May 9, 2013 in Jim's Journal

Guess what? We teach people how to treat us – and guess what, they catch on fast. Through what we say or don’t say and do or don’t do, we teach people how to treat us. When my daughter was young she used to say, “Daddy, every time you say maybe I know that means yes…because every time you say maybe you do it.” Guess what lesson I taught her? What lessons are you teaching?

Are you teaching them that they don’t have to be accountable, responsible and on time when it comes to interactions with you? Are you teaching them that you are OK with excuses? Are you teaching them that when they get upset you are going to give them their way? And, are you teaching them that if they don’t do “it” you’re going to do “it” for them? They know how to push your buttons. You’ve shown them. They know how to make you feel guilty. You’ve given them the directions. And they know how to zap your enthusiasm. You’ve given them your GPS. OK professor, if you want to get different results, winning results, use a new syllabus. They are listening, watching and taking notes for the next test. If it’s going to be an open book exam, say what you mean and mean what you say.

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