Jim’s Journal: Ewww – That’s Just Not My Thing!

May 9, 2013 in Jim's Journal

The other day I was sitting in my car in a restaurant parking lot. I had just eaten lunch and was checking emails, texts and tweets on my smartphone. I even took out my laptop. The front seat of my car was turning into my office again. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of my good friends, Tonya Murphy, heading toward the same restaurant. I called her over. We spoke briefly then she went into the restaurant to meet a friend. Well 75 minutes later Tonya and her colleague emerged and I was still sitting in my car working. The two women said good bye then shared a heart-felt hug. They smiled and went their separate ways. As I sat there I felt the warmth of their hug all of the way in my car.

When you hug do you do it because it’s the worthwhile thing to do or do you hug to let the other person know you care about them, miss them and/or are thrilled to see them? During your embrace do you pat their back, in grandparent fashion? Or, let me guess – you’re not a hugger? Trust me, hugs are under-rated. They do go a long way. Do it…you’ll see!

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