Jim’s Journal Special Edition: Day 1 – On My Way to the NAACP Image Awards

January 25, 2013 in Jim's Journal


no-excuse-web-promo1I’ve done a lot of packing in my life. I’ve packed for summer camp. I’ve packed for basketball and football camps. I’ve packed for college and I’ve packed for vacations. And considering my current role as an international speaker, author and trainer, I find myself packing nearly every week for another speaking engagement. Nevertheless, I’ve never packed for where I’m heading today. I’m Los Angeles bound, baby, to attend the NAACP Image Awards. My book, The No Excuse Guide to Success: No Matter What your Boss or Life Throws at You, has been nominated for the Image Award in the Instructional Literature category. To say that I am excited would be an incredible understatement.

The NAACP Image Awards celebrates the accomplishments of people of color in the fields of television, music, literature and film and also honors individuals or groups who promote social justice through creative endeavors.

When I wrote the book my mission was to provide a vehicle for people to use to jump-start their excuse-free living. I have a number of people in my life, family, clients, customers, mentors, mentees, friends, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, LinkedIn buddies and the like, who have talked to me about their challenges and their excuses for not handling those challenges successfully. I, too, have excuses on my life-ledger. My book was going to be for all of us…to move from excuses to execution. I had no idea that it would be nominated for such a prestigious award.

Fellow Image Awards Nominees

Fellow Image Awards Nominees

I’ve decided that since I am embarking on a different kind of trip that I would do something different. I’m going to blog every day about my experiences. In essence, I’m taking you with me…and I didn’t have to pay extra to put you in my luggage. The NAACP has a week of events planned for us, culminating with the Awards show on Friday, February 1. The event will be nationally televised on NBC (8pm ET / 9pm CT) and entertainer Steve Harvey is the host. It’s a black-tie night so I’m going to be looking good (lol). And yes, I will be taking a ton of pictures of the celebrities who will be in attendance and everything else that I can to capture this memorable experience. I’m even going to get an opportunity to walk the red carpet. Really! I’ve Googled “tips for walking the red carpet” so that I would be prepared. The articles included ”to-do’s” for smiling, posing, walking and for getting the photographers’ and reporters’ attention. Did I say that I was excited yet?

On-My-Way-Blog-PostThis trip is not totally a pleasure excursion. I’m going to step away for two days to fly to Santa Rosa (California) to do a presentation skills workshop for Medtronic, Inc. then fly back for the Thursday and Friday festivities. Marena Ariffin, my company’s Director of Project Management is going with me, gown in hand. She’s excited too. I keep joking (I think I’m joking) with her that I’m going out there to find my Clive Davis. He helped to blow up Whitney Houston’s career and I’d like to meet someone who can help create opportunities for me to JIMPACT the world.

Trust me when I say this, “I’ve already won.” Being nominated is such an incredible blessing. If they announce that The No Excuse Guide book is the winner it will be a super-sized blessing. So get ready for an awesome week. Come back here every day and I’ll have a new update. I wrote this while I was heading to the Philadelphia airport…first time I’ve even done that. LA here I come! Did I mention that I was excited?


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