Making An International JIMPACT

January 25, 2013 in Slider Features

Jim Smith, Jr. has JIMPACTed audiences from China to Singapore and Malaysia, from Norway and the Netherlands to Turkey and beyond. In any language, his high energy speaking style and engaging teaching techniques always translate. When Jim introduces his all-in approach, international boundaries and personal walls come down, leaving students open to an unique learning opportunity unlike anything they’ve ever experienced.

The response is unanimous and overwhelming: “Come back, Jim!”

Jim Smith, Jr.’s innovations in technique and groundbreaking coursework encourage personal breakthroughs. Keynote audiences and classroom students learn from each other and from themselves, in addition to their dynamic facilitator. It’s his incredible ability to draw people out and bring them to express themselves with earnest intensity that makes Jim’s sessions, keynotes and courses so incredibly transformative. He focuses on personal power, and his students find it within themselves.

From college coursework in Shanghai and conference keynotes in Malaysia and India, to expanding business acumen in the explosive economic growth atmosphere of Beijing, Jim  designs his presentations and courses for each organization’s highly individual needs. It’s all about his commitment to personalization and tailoring the experience to achieve professional perfection.

Read our testimonials to get our satisfied customers’ comments in their own words, and find out how wonderful the response has been to the Jim Smith, Jr. International promise of personal empowerment. We hope they’ll convince you that booking Jim for one of your overseas events is one of the smartest decisions you could make for an incredible and measurable return on your investment.

How do you say “JIMPACT” in your language? With a smile.

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